Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Monday, May 21, 2007


Ever wonder about the overweight people caught on camera for the "generic b-roll" that accompanies news stories about "The Girth of America" or "The Obesity Epidemic"?

You know that footage of random fat people shuffling along a random street, presumably out shopping for extremely large pants with elastic waistbands. Or sometimes it's just a close up of a huge, mudslide-style stomach or gelatinous ass. Do these people recognize their own stomachs and asses? I'm not sure if I would recognize mine or not. But if they do, is it completely humilating?
Or does the desire for fame of any kind override the embarrassment of seeing your ass being used as a visual aide?

Honestly, do you think anyone has ever been watching the nightly news, looked up from their bag of Doritos, pointed at the screen and with a hint of pride shouted, "Hey! That's my ass!"


Anonymous said...

I remember once when a director I was working with called for the fat b-roll and said, "I'm just afraid I'm going to see my fat ass in there!"

Anonymous said...

Roz lives; in the ass of this woman.