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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Every so often, some celebrity will be touted as "The Thinking Man's Sex Symbol".
These women are never bombshells.
They tend to look like Tina Fey.
In fact, Tina Fey was #2 on The Daily Beast's 2008 list of "The Thinking Man's Sex Symbols".
Now, Tina Fey is a very attractive woman. She is also undeniably talented and smart.

But I resent the fact that you never find bombshells on the list of Thinking Man's Sex Symbols.
Scarlett Johansson will never be on this list, even though she was smart enough to auction off her snotty Kleenex for charity, garnering $5,300 for USA Harvest.

So my question today is...
Why can't a "Thinking Man" lust after bombshells? Who decided that a person with a high IQ is automatically immune to the allure of big tits? That no one at MENSA appreciates a curvy red head who knows how to strut in a pair of bondage heels?

Fuck that.

Arthur Miller is proof that it can happen. Arguably one of the 20th Century's greatest playwrights, he fell in love with and married the ultimate bombshell, Marilyn Monroe.

Hugh Hefner loves busty blondes and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs that this country ever produced. I'd say he's a Thinking Man, even if those thoughts tend to revolve around ways to commodify sex.

Dennis Kucinich's wife Elizabeth is incredibly sexy, and he's one of the smartest politicians out there. (And yes, I know about the UFO sighting and I don't give a shit.)

Why am I crusading on behalf of the bombshell? Maybe it's because I love their sense of humor about sex. I love their charm. I love their strange power.
Let's hear it for bombshells and the Thinking Men (and Women) who love them.


James Madison said...

Preach on, Dutton!

vjdutton said...

James! Excellent example. Your wife Dolley had a great rack.

Anne said...

This post is pathetic. It's rare in this sexist world that a woman like Tina Fey gets respect, and when she does, you have a problem with it. You're a female misogynist. I feel sorry for you.

vjdutton said...

Anne honey, the feeling is mutual.
I feel sorry for you.
Not only are you getting bent out of shape over a blog that nobody reads, but you can't seem to understand that there are many ways to appreciate the talents that women offer.
I love women and respect us enough to realize that we are smart enough to make our own decisions. If you want to be a lawyer, a teacher, a housewife or a stripper, I will love you. As long as you've made informed decisions and followed the path of your own choice.
If you're a librarian or a porn star, I will respect you if that's your true self. I have a lot of love for all women. If you saw my friends you'd understand that.
But as for you Anne, I say this: Go fuck yourself. I doubt anyone else is signing up for that task.

Anne said...

Are you kidding me with this? You're right. Nobody reads this blog. I just checked and you've only had 4,600 visitors since 2006. Now I know why. Unbelievable.

Anne's sister Fran said...

My anus smells funny.

vjdutton said...

Anne, thanks for contributing to my user stats! With help from sweethearts like you, I'll make it to 4,622 in no time! (Fingers crossed!)
And Fran, my condolences.

Anne's other sister Diane said...

I have webbed feet.

Anonymous said...

What's a little pathetic, and a little comedic was #3's overreaction. Nobody dissed Tina Fey, nor took anything away from her accomplishments, looks, skills. The "thinking man's sex symbol" cliche is what's being mocked here, and VJ Dutton likes her bombshells. So what? There's no such thing as the "thinking man's sex symbol", it's just a tired cliche magazines distribute out when their subject is an attractive brunette who dons specs.

LAZ said...

What's great about this post (or, truly sad depending on how you read it) is that if Anne had bothered to do any thinking at all, she would have seen what VJD was driving at.

Even a quick jump over to the Daily Beast article that was referenced would have given her a framework in which to form a more enlightened opinion.

Not only was neither VJD or TDB dissing Tina, both were lauding her as an example of a woman who is more than the sum of her girlie parts. (Sexy as they may be…)

"A TMSS is someone we
imagine having great
conversations with,
laughing with, reveling
in her success with, and
getting drunk on her power
with. Where Maxim girls
are purposefully brainless,
we look at a TMSS and say,
she’s hot because she’s
smart and beautiful."

That's what the Beast had so say, but VJD took it a step further and asked why a girl HAS to be brainy to be sought after by intelligent men and it takes nothing away from either party.

It should be liberating for a woman to be able to understand that she can be loved for her brains, or her beauty, or her accomplishments each on their own merit. But, if a woman can combine all of them into one package... why not celebrate her endeavors?