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Monday, January 25, 2010


Our talented cinematographer Kristyn Martin sent me a clip from the Mama D's ORGASMIC! show and I just had to share its beauty with you. This is The Bukkake Klatch enthralling the crowd with their take on a classic love song, "Smell Yo Dick".

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Anonymous said...

I read this blog all the time but I live in Michigan so I've never seen one of your shows. They look like so much fun!

vjdutton said...

The Michigan Connection!
I have never actually visited Michigan, but it's amazing how many interesting stories, blog connections, people I love and of course great music comes from Michigan.
I hope you're a proud Michiganian, because you live in one of the coolest states in the union.
Moreover, I hope you can see a show sometime. If you do, please introduce yourself to me.

Anonymous said...

I will!