Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today I received more confirmation on the apparent Dockers Mandate within the ranks of CNN Atlanta. It seems that Joe Kinstle enforced his Dockers Uniform Regime with an iron fist.
Within the e-mail I received was the ominous phrase; "Joe Kinstle made me wear those Dockers."
I feel that I have just stumbled upon an expose worthy of Woodward and Bernstein. Or at least Joan and Melissa Rivers.
So I am asking all of you who were affected by this vicious mandate to come forward. Tell me your Dockers' tragedies. The shame, the bland color scheme, the inability to pull off dance moves besides "The Cabbage Patch" with any degree of authenticity.
But furthermore, send photographic evidence. I will black out the faces to protect the innocent...or at least keep the guilty guessing.
As always, you can send photos to
And just so we know which vile corporate entity is to blame, here is a handy link:
Note that they offer up an insidious ploy called "The Dockers Dress-O-Matic".
It saddens me that they are spreading their filthy ideology to a new generation of broke professionals.

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