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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sometimes when I have to explain Mama D's Arts Bordello to someone who has never experienced it, they get a little perplexed. This was particularly problematic when I accepted a position at a Business News Network and we had Orientation Day. They asked us to introduce ourselves and provide some personal information.
For whatever reason, I brought up Mama D's Arts Bordello...This did not go over well. You've never seen more uncomfortable, confused-looking assholes in sad suits.

(P.S. I barely lasted 2 months at that dismal place. I did manage to steal a stapler though, which I still use to staple the famed Mama D's Trivia Contest quizzes together.)

But I digress.

The point is, there really isn't anything else like our show, so it's tough to describe. It's a live show that's bawdy, literary, spontaneous, cinematic, weird, funny and loud. You just have to get your ass to the bordello to understand.

But as a public service today, I thought I'd present you with a list of songs that sonically define Mama D's Arts Bordello. Our show is authentic. It's not rehearsed. It's a party. These songs reflect Mama D's joyously rude and raucous vibe.

So take a listen to this set list. Play it loud. Dance in your underpants and you'll see the murky bordello light:

1. Bad Reputation-Joan Jett

2. Rocks Off-The Rolling Stones

3. Orgasm Addict-The Buzzcocks

4. Fuck You-Lily Allen

5. Rebel Rebel-David Bowie

6. Mixed Bizness-Beck

7. How You Like Me Now?-The Heavy

8. All Day And All Of The Night-The Kinks

9. Get It On (Bang A Gong)-T. Rex

10. Gimme Danger-Iggy Pop


Anonymous said...

If your show is anything like this list, I'm totally there.

vjdutton said...

You're just going to have to get to the June 18th show to find out!