Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Thursday, December 02, 2010


We haven't done a CNN Peon post in a while, and I think we're due for one.
After all, that's why I began this crazy ass blog.

Question to all you CNN Peons past and present: take a good look at the above photo.
Now be honest. How many of you did this?
And by "this" I mean grab a pal with a camera, peer around to make sure no one was looking, hop on the set and pretend for one brief, shining moment that you were not some lowly peon. For one glorious second you were not a turd dangling from CNN's ass; referred to by your function instead of your name. ("PROMPTER!")
Nay, you were a real professional. With a real name and a real salary.

And short of doing this, how many of you called your friends and told them to turn on CNN to watch as you walked behind the set?
One night I walked behind Bill Hemmer three times in five minutes. I was about to go for my fourth lap when the floor director made fun of me during the commercial break.

Okay. Now 'fess up. Who else pulled stupid shit like this?


Anonymous said...

I never worked at CNN, but I love your photo! :0)

vjdutton said...

Thank you, sunshine! Goofing off was my way of staying sane while working the overnight shift at CNN.

LAZ said...

Working in Master Control on overnights, I would call friends at ungodly hours and play the James Earl Jones "This is CNN!" bah-ba-bah! cart in the phone to wake them up.

On one occastion, it went out over the air during a late night LKL repeat.


vjdutton said...

I miss that classic James Earl Jones cart. It was comforting. You know, with all the problems CNN has these days, they should bring it back. People need to be reminded that CNN was once the go-to source for news. What better way is there than bringing back the James Earl Jones voice of authority?

LAZ said...


Anonymous said...

I never took pictures of myself doing someone else's job, but every morning, my mom knew what time to turn CNN on to see my walk behind the set. I'd always do the Carol Burnett ear thing to let her know it was me. But she completely missed me on Election night in 2000, when I was so close to the set that I could've smacked Bernie Shaw in the back of the head.

vjdutton said...

I love that you and your mom had it timed out! That's great.