Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Friday, February 18, 2011


Fellow Peons,
This is one of those profound moments in a blogger's life when you realize that it's all worth it. All the struggle, sacrifice, late nights, finger cramps, worn-out pajamas and coffee breath.

For today a faithful reader and valiant news spy sent me the above photo.

Yes, it appears that CNN has a deep commitment to the environment. What you're looking at here is a recycling bin, complete with "newspaper only" sign...IN THE MEN'S RESTROOM AT THE TIME WARNER CENTER.

Now, I have a few observations about this situation:

1. Despite a drop in circulation, print journalism clearly isn't dead. There are some places you really don't want to bring your ipad, laptop or Kindle.

2. Contrary to popular wisdom, people aren't terrified of taking a dump at the workplace. Quite the opposite. What this recycling bin says to me is that professional men are grabbing the NY Times or USA Today from the newsroom and heading straight to the bathroom. This is pretty much announcing to your co-workers, "Good day, colleagues! If you'll please excuse me, I'm about to unleash my fecal matter right here in our place of business."

3. Do you think there was a staff meeting to determine if the men's bathroom really needed a recycling bin? Did they weigh the pros and cons? Who brought it to the higher ups attention that there were stacks of crumpled Shit Lit all over the place?

It's astonishing how much deep thought can be generated from one photo.
So, thank you Toilet Photog! You're a lion among men...Or you know, a guy with a cellphone and a sense of humor.

Which is even better, if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

Nobody does fart and toilet jokes like you mama d!

vjdutton said...

If there's a finer compliment for a writer to receive, I cannot imagine what it might be.