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Monday, February 14, 2011


Just a small observation today.
Now, I know I could use this forum and my poli-sci degree in more effective ways.
I could analyze the situation in Egypt.
I could write an in depth thesis about the lasting economic fallout of the Smoot-Hawley tariff of 1930.
But nay.
What I really want to know is...

Why the hell am I getting so much Bigfoot spam?

No joke motherfuckers.
Every week I delete several comments purporting to blow the lid off the Bigfoot conspiracy.

Who are these Bigfoot fanatics?
How did they find me?

Yes, at one point I wanted to become an Official Bigfoot Tracker, this is true. But that was a fleeting fantasy, and primarily related to the possibility of wearing an Official Bigfoot Tracker Uniform.

I also contributed to a Jackie Collins parody called "The Sasquatch Goddess". But that story has nothing at all to do with Bigfoot and everything to do with a fictional, oversexed, underhanded and oddly hairy film star in Hollywood.

If anything, I should be getting spammed by the Fart Joke Appreciation Society.
At least that would make sense.

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