Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Monday, August 27, 2007


UPDATE: These Bloopers have been removed from YouTube for reasons unknown. So these links don't work. But I chose not to delete this post because of the funny stories some of you shared in the comments section.

Let the cheering, ululating and dancing in the streets begin! A kind soul has uploaded the long lost 1996 CNN Blooper Reel to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. He was even nice enough to brand them with the Peon Confidential name. The links are here:




While you are enjoying bloopers, I'm headed to the beach to see my parents for a couple days. As the only computer they have is a Texas Instruments Antique from 1984 that has been in a box stashed in various closets in various homes since 1987, I will have no internet access.
(Actually, they used to have a circa 1980 Betamax stashed next to it until about 5 years ago when a pervy friend said he wanted it...My mother concluded that this guy found a Beta porn liquidation deal in some dark crevice of Georgia.)

Beta porn theories aside, I will post more useless crap upon my return...
In the meantime:
If any of you were partly responsible for any of these bloopers--
a.) Kudos!
b.) Tell us about it! We want details.


vjdutton said...

If there were a birdseye view of the studio for the "Fred Hickman/VInce Cellini cameras out of control" blooper, you'd see me in cheap heels, flailing around, trying to wrestle with that crazed camera. Obviously, that beast was stronger than both me and my trainer. Quite a robotic path of fury...
That blooper was from my first week at CNN.

J said...

Congrats to vjDutton for being related to one of the funnier bloopers on the reel! I woke up my newborn son laughing at that one!

Thanks for posting's so erie to hear those control room voices again. I felt like I was back in playback again, ejecting and loading tapes frantically, with some random AP sitting next to me babysitting my every move. A frightening, yet oddly delightful, walk down memory lane!

Anonymous said...

Flip lives on as a weatherman for 11 Alive, no less. He is looking mighty fine, who does his hair, and I hope that he still has a hankering for online sleaze. Check him out!

Kind Soul said...

There's more to come...this is only the beginning of the reel.

serm said...

Tim Hughes told me Flip Spiceland ripped off his weather reports from USA today, and didn't care who knew it.

Off topic, I'd have to verify, but I believe that was Captain Joystick (also known as "the swindler") on Robo-cam in that Sports tonight camera train wreck.

I also believe that was Jeremy Church getting the treatment from Lou Waters when he delivered the scripts on camera, on air.

What I want to know, is where is the blooper of Mike Klein (EP) wandering through the newsroom scratching his ass while Lou Waters and Bobbie Battista comment on the matter...

A former sudio-spud said...

Well, I can tell you, Flip is still as obnoxious as he was back in the day. My current ex has had the misfortune of floor directing for him at XIA.

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