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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today I'd just like to let you all in on a fantastic resource I just found.
It's a Glam Rock Name Generator.
Click on that link (fair warning-the background color will accost your retinas) put in your name and whether you are a Ziggy Stardust or a Femme Fatale and it spits out a name worthy of the sexiest, codpiece-thrusting, eyeshadow-wearing, guitar licking, platform boot-stomping, barely legal groupie-fucking Glam Rock Star around.

I put my name in the generator and they gave me CHARMAINE GOLDENROD. It's perfect. And these names have multiple uses:

-Pet names
-Reservations at stuffy restaurants
-Running for Congress (Imagine the bumperstickers!)
-Prank calls

Which glittery moniker did you get?


Gamina Topaz said...

Awesome find ... I'm off to buy some jelly bracelets and hair bows

Dirk Turquoise said...

Gather 'round Glitter album "Dirk Turquoise: Slip My Tongue in Your Groove" drops in three days!
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Roxie Lipstikk, two k's no c.

Sizzle Velour said...

Make way for the Sizzle Velour Revolution!

A former sudio-spud said...

Sizzle Silvers. Sounds like either glam-rock or B grade-porn.

Anonymous said...

I got 'Jupiter Marvelous'
I think I just peed a little.

J said...

Melody Starr appearing tonight at the Cleveland's very own Kitty Kat Lounge!