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Thursday, April 16, 2009


If you're eating something at your computer right now, read this later:

HONG KONG (AFP) – An Indonesian maid has appeared in a Hong Kong court accused of adding menstrual blood to her employer's food in an effort to improve their stormy relationship, a report said Thursday.
Indra Ningsih, aged 26, mixed the blood in a pot of vegetables in the belief that the recipe would help smooth over her difficult work environment, The Standard newspaper reported.
In some southeast Asian cultures, menstrual blood is thought to have special powers, the paper added.
The maid has been charged with one count of "administering poison or other destructive or noxious substances with intent to injure," and has not yet entered a plea.

I can sort of understand the notion that menstrual blood has magical powers, as men are often completely and utterly grossed out by the concept. Hell, so are women sometimes. It creates quite a strong reaction, which I suppose is magical.
But it would seem to me that there are better ways of improving relations with your boss.

-You could present your boss with one of those Mrs. Fields Cookie Cakes or a Hickory Farms basket of sausage and cheese.
-You could send a singing telegram or a balloon bouquet.
-You could offer to stay late on a Friday.

But flavoring the soup with menstrual blood is probably not your best option.

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