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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I am slightly confused by the following story. I thought people were supposed to drink at wakes?
Was this a dry county in Arkansas? Why bother calling it a wake at all if you can't drink? At that point it's a memorial service.
I can't blame this woman for refusing to leave her beer can behind. She heard it was a wake and expected booze. And she traveled out of state to get there.
I hate false advertising...

MAGNOLIA, Ark. – Sheriff's deputies said a Texas woman started a brawl at a wake in Arkansas when she arrived with a beer can in her hand. The woman, 52, faces a third-degree domestic battery charges, as does another woman, 46, over the March 29 fight. Deputies said the first woman arrived at the Christies Chapel Church with a beer can in hand and that she refused to leave.

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