Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


One of you thoughtful Peons sent me a link to a story with the following headline:
Swedish Lesbians Suck Sperm Banks Dry

Intrigued, I read the story and found this headline directly underneath:
US Woman Attacks Missus With Sperm-Filled Syringe

What I wouldn't give for a hotline to John Waters' house in Baltimore. (And yes, the hotline phone would be a 1950's pink princess model.) Surely the mustachioed director responsible for such classics as "Pink Flamingos" "Female Trouble" and "Serial Mom" could combine these two headlines to create a cinematic masterpiece.

So John, if you're a chronic self-Googler like me and happen to read this, here are five possible film titles for this spooge-filled romp:

1. Attack of The Sperm Crazed Lesbians

2. The Stockholm Ejaculate Syndicate

3. Cum Pirates from Outer Space

4. Semen Smorgasbord

5. Friedborg and Torborg: The Quest for Cum

Any others?

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Divine said...

Good Cum Hunting