Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Gino had never visited a whorehouse. Unlike his friends, he had never needed to. Fresh, young pussy was plentiful on the street for him."
-Jackie Collins

Fellow Peons, this is a beautiful day. Maybe not for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who found fresh, young pussy among his own household staff and now has to pay the price, but it's a great day for us here on Peon Confidential.

Yes, one of you long time readers made Jackie Collins' Meatloaf Recipe and sent in photos to prove it! I must say, I am deeply impressed: both by your cooking skills and your beautiful stove. My stove is as temperamental as a drug addicted televangelist and about as useless. One burner only emits extreme heat while the other only emits low. The other two don't work. The oven is hotter in the front than the back and dips in the middle.

But enough about that piece of shit. Check out these gorgeous pictures of the most glamorous meatloaf ever!

First Photo: Getting started! Note the Jackie Collins' Meatloaf Recipe in the distance.

Second Photo: Mixing up the fresh, young meat.

Third photo: Baking the meaty deliciousness.

Fourth photo: Jackie Collins' Meatloaf, sliced and ready to devour.

Fifth photo: A Hollywood style romantic dinner for two!


LAZ said...

It actually tasted pretty good!
So good, in fact, that we're making it again tonight!

There was WAAAYYYY too much of Jackie Collins' Meat to fit in our loaf.
(Yeah, I went there...)
So we also made Jackie Collins' Meat BALLS.
Simmered in a savory roasted tomato sauce... SO YUMMY with fresh pasta!

See, Saara...
You're so much classier than that Rachel Ray skank!


vjdutton said...

Jackie Collins' Loaf vs Jackie Collins Balls--I'm so grateful that one doesn't have to choose...because I'd be lost otherwise. Also, I hope Jackie is reading this, because there is some fabulous material for a sexy cookbook/masturbatory manual right here.

As for Rachel Ray, I totally agree. Some might say us stumpy, loud mouthed, short fingered bitches should stick together. But fuck those people. I can't stand Rachel Ray. said...

And what type of wine does one pair with Jackie Collins Loaf (or Balls, for that matter)?

Looks delicious!

vjdutton said...

Excellent question, and seeing your address, a fine opportunity to ask WWRD? (What Would Roz Do?)

LAZ said...

I'm pretty sure that ROZ would serve Ripple.
Maybe a smoothe concoction of Champipple, if it were a special occasion.

We, on the other hand, went with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon from the North Fork.