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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


New Yorkers--how about this fucking heat wave?

Actually, it seems to have let up a bit today. But I fear we're on track for a brutal summer. So I have a question about the hot city nights. Perhaps there are some scientists out there who can answer this one:

Last night I was walking home from work, through the smelly concrete sauna that is my fair city. I walked past Japanese restaurant employees having a smoke, packs of cellphone-addicted teens ordering street meat, and a few robust women squatting down to clean up their dog's shit.

However, while sauntering across a block that had no one on it, nary a pedestrian--I suddenly stepped into a vast pocket of B.O.
I looked up, down, all around and could not find anyone who could have been the culprit. I even sniffed my own armpits, but I was not guilty.

So how does a pocket of B.O. get trapped in the muggy atmosphere like that? How could it just be suspended in midair for me to stumble upon and sniff?



Homeless Taxi Driver Guy said...

You were actually stepping on me...and I don't think I smell so bad.

homeless taxi driver's wife said...

Um...I beg to differ, dear.