Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Why is there a dashing photo of Roger Moore on today's Peon Confidential?
Two reasons:

1. I am a member of a very tiny minority: I think Roger Moore is the best Bond. Consider he took over in the 1970's, when Sean Connery's brand of swaggering, macho, Cold War sexuality was quite antiquated. Moore injected some humor into a role that could have become extinct otherwise. I love how he never took himself too seriously. Plus, there were times he was forced to scamper around the globe in some dubious 1970's attire. Connery, who was consistently decked out in gorgeous Saville Row suits, never had to wrestle with such sartorial indignities. Not such an easy task, and Moore wore it well.

2. The next Mama D's Arts Bordello, which is slated for October, is going to be a spy theme. So I am putting it out there:

If anyone has a short film, a short story, some great dance moves, wants to sing a Bond theme with a kazoo accompanist or is itching to offer up any type of art that would fit in with a spy theme--let me know!


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