Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I'm inviting a couple of politically passionate buddies over to watch Thursday's Vice Presidential debate, which I'm hoping will be delectable. Fattening, even.
I had planned on having a low key Halloween party this year, but I'm doing this instead because the prospect of that idiotic, screechy voiced, book banning moose hunter getting anywhere near the White House is scary enough.
The point is:
I'm compiling a menu to fit the theme, and I need your input.
As of now, the menu consists of:

1. Wasilla Quesadillas (yes, quesadilla MUST be pronounced to rhyme with Wasilla.)

2. Planned Parenthood Punch (this will have a healthy splash of cheap beer, which has been the instigator of unprotected sex for generations.)

3. Biden's Balls (I'm hoping his are made of steel, while these will be made of turkey.)

4. Chocolate Moose

5. Lipsticked Pigs in Blankets

What else?


Anonymous said...

Baked Alaska of course!!!

Katie Couric said...


Levi Johnston said...

You better have some Pepto Bristol at the ready! Thank you...I'll be here all night!

vjdutton said...

Is Pepto Bristol as effective for heart burn as it is for birth control?

Hugh Heffner said...

Milf and cookies?