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Saturday, December 20, 2008


I just read this gem from the Associated Press:

NEW YORK – Nuns who own a New York City apartment house have filed a lawsuit saying a tenant couple is stinking up the building with "horrible" food smells "similar to that of vomit or rotten meat." The lawsuit by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart Inc. says Gloria and Michael Lim are causing "foul and harmful odors" to come from their 16th floor apartment by cooking and smoking large quantities of fish.

The image of hardcore New York nuns suing an Asian couple is really funny to me. I also like that the "Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart" is incorporated. Very business savvy.
But it got me to thinking about all the ways in which nuns can be funny. Take them out of their natural habitat (yes there's a "habit" pun in there somewhere, but I'm too lazy to look for it) and nuns are quite amusing. Ask Whoopie Goldberg. She'll back me up on this one. I'm sure you' ve all thought about this before, but have you ever made a top 10 list about it?


1. Working the drive-thru window at Arby's

2. Riding with the Hells Angels

3. Pumping gas...into a 70's van with an airbrushed bikini babe on the side

4. At the gynecologist's office, feet in stirrups

5. Playing the accordion/bagpipes/tuba

6. the gym while Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" blares in the background

7. Doing the Riverdance

8. At a tailgate party...manning the barbeque, face painted with their team colors

9. At a rodeo

10. In a mosh pit

Any others?


Jennifer Lopez, back when she was a Latina said...

This one will take you back: One of the Fly Girls on In Living Color

Nun on the run said...

shooting out of a cannon at the circus

Anonymous said...

Maybe tending bar at the Cheetah Club there in Atlanta?

Anonymous said...

Doing commercials with Billy Mays and the Shamwow guy.

Anonymous said...

Scattering, covering, and smothering at Waffle House?