Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Monday, March 02, 2009


Today I am again humbled by the thoughtfulness of our Peon Confidential readers, for I found this photograph of a Time Warner toilet poster waiting for me in my inbox.

To quote CNN's resident justice avenger Nancy Grace, "Thank yeeeeew, friend."

It is more proof that when people see anything fart or toilet related, my face immediately comes to mind.
This is an honor right up there with being the spokesperson for Activia.
Which prompts the question--
Jamie Lee Curtis is married to a lord. She's a successful children's book author. I can't imagine she needs the money.
Why does she shill for that shit? It's a step below Lifetime movies.
And you can't tell me that she's hell bent on spreading the gospel of bowel churning yogurt.

Anyway, what I noticed first about this toilet poster is that it looks remarkably like Communist Propaganda. Compare it to the actual propaganda posters I've added. Note the strong, bold lines, the wrench held like a sickle. The plunger held aloft in worker's unity. The rallying call to arms...

Pasty CNN employees beware. Plumbers of the World Unite! No hand towels in the toilet!


Dr. Freud's Analyst said...

Why is the NOT crossed out? Is this reverse psychology so patrons will use hand towels?

Vince Cellini said...

Who you calling pasty, VJDutton?

Nancy Grace said...

'Lizbeth! 'Lizbeth! How come nobody told me this place was run by commies? 'Lizbeth!