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Friday, March 11, 2011


A friend of mine in Los Angeles just made a sitcom friend. No, this guy isn't an actor on a sitcom.
It's just that he's so peculiar I can't believe he's a real human being and not the creation of some hack writer.

Case in point:
This sitcom friend wandered over to my pal's apartment at midnight. He began knocking on the door with one hand while holding a coconut with the other.
Now, English is not his first language.
So my pal opens the door and this guy says with a straight face,
"I need a boom boom for my coco."

Through context clues and hand gestures, my pal understood that this weird man holding a coconut on his doorstep at midnight needed some type of tool to crack it open.
Fair enough.
But when he asked this sitcom friend what he planned to make with this coconut (perhaps a tropical drink or some macaroons) he replied,
"Oh. I make a house for my hamster."

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