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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is just so disturbing.
The Art Crime Spree in Union Square is out of fucking control!

On Sunday, I'm heading back to the Union Square subway after meeting up with a pal for an afternoon gin and tonic. I mention we need to check out the new Andy Warhol statue. We can't even find it at first. But suddenly, to our horror, we discover Andy perched in the middle of a street fair, right next to a "sizzlin' chicken" hut! (Click on the above photo to enlarge. No, it's not such a great shot. But I just couldn't bear to witness the crime up close.)

It's an outrage! The man who loved glamour and department stores, reduced to sharing the spotlight with "sizzlin' chicken".

Then today, I read that some Art Criminal has STOLEN the glasses right off of Gandhi's face!

What the hell is going on in Union Square? We need an Art Crimes task force ASAP.

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Concerned Citizen said...

Is someone holding Gandhi's glasses for ransom?