Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The glitch is that I'm a dumbass...
I got someone to make the transfer from VHS to DVD.
I gave said individual a case of Guinness for his efforts.
Now I just tried to sign up for a YouTube account, only to be told THREE times that based on my information, I am ineligible for an account!
It's a conspiracy. Clearly Lou Waters is a majority shareholder at YouTube.
Unless someone can help a dumbass out, here's what you are missing:

-Falling set pieces/duratrans

-Repeated use of "What the fuck? What is going on around here? Are we training in playback today?" by Earl Maple on the director's track

-Bad mid-1990's fashion/eyewear/hair

-Howard Stern pranks, including a chyron claiming the caller was from "ELOHSSA, Manitoba" (use a mirror, if you must)

-The cat who barfed on the set

-An attacking Panda

-The VJ delivering scripts while on air

-Flip Spiceland...being Flip Spiceland

-Anchors reading "BACK ON CAMERA" and "FULL SCREEN" as part of the story

-Bloopers involving misuse of the words Penis, Dick and "Woody Pecker"

Mixed into this pastiche of TV history are classic 1990's moments, including "The Dancing Itos", that chubby kid making funny faces behind Rudy Giuliani during one of his speeches, and the Al Gore Macarena.

It is a precious time capsule, this Blooper tape. If anyone can help deliver its beauty to the world, please let me know.

Otherwise, I smell a theme party/screening coming on...


DF said...

I have a Youtube account...

vjdutton said...

Glory be!
This is great news.
Much obliged DF.
Your efforts will bring tears of thigh-slapping laughter.

Anonymous said...

2006's reel has some raw video of Deepak Chopra picking his NOSE...raw, indeed!!!!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites of all time is Catherine Calloway referring to a chihuahua as a Cha-hooah-hooah.

J said...

Please, for the love of God, find somehow, someway to post this video. It will surely rise to the forefront of "what's hot" on the internet. I can just see Christian Finnegan and Paul F. Tompkins creating whimsical puns and silly impressions of those on the video on VH1's 'Best Week Ever'.

After the horrific news out of VA, we could all surely use a chuckle. And who better to laugh at than our own selves?