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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


A few posts back, I asked anyone who had encountered The Lone Pube in an unexpected place to send a photo or draw a lovely sketch and send it in for all to admire.
Well, I just checked my e-mail account and found this:

"I saw the lone pube last night. And you're right----it was just one. I guess pubic hair does not like to travel in packs.
Basically, I went up to the bar to get more beer for me and my friend. When I came back and set the beer down, my friend started downing his right away. He likes to handle his beer like he's worried someone will steal it. Then I looked at the table and I saw it---the lone pube---sitting next to my beer. I have no idea whose pube it was. All I know is that I have experienced the mystery of the lone pube first hand."

While this is a stellar example of The Lone Pube phenomenon, this tipster did not include photographic or artistic evidence. So I had to take matters into my own hands. See the sketch above, in which I have rendered an approximation of this Lone Pube sighting.

However, in order to avoid similarly incompetent, unskilled and downright unattractive sketches in the future, please include visuals with your Lone Pube descriptions. Seriously. Look at that sketch. Do you really want to see ugly shit like that again?

I thought not.


Anonymous said...

Why are there waves in the beer?

Picasso said...

I kind of like that sketch.

throwingupinmymouth said...

I'm pretty sure there must have been a lone (grey) pube sighting after Larry slipped the Bologna Pony into ye ole Roz's meatsock.