Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Friday, June 08, 2007


Just found out that apart from the delicious food, the gorgeous architecture, and beautiful people, Rome offers up another pleasurable surprise for tourists and locals alike:
According to Reuters: "Scientists have discovered particles of cocaine and marijuana, as well as caffeine and tobacco, in the air of Italy's capital, they said on Thursday. The concentration of drugs was heaviest in the air around Rome's Sapienza university, though the National Research Council's Dr. Angelo Cecinato warned against drawing conclusions about students' recreational habits."

Ah, Roma. A truly intoxicating city. Surely this added bonus should be included in their tourist brochures. With the lousy dollar-to-euro exchange, it's nice to know a person can get something for free.


Velma said...

Just because Shaggy ate huge sandwiches all the time, had a high-pitched giggle and spent too much time in a van does not make him a stoner.

Scooby Dumb said...

Hey Velma,
Your naivete is charming. Now put your f*cking glasses back on.

Velma said...

Keep it up asshole and I'm cutting off your Scooby Snack supply!