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Monday, April 07, 2008


The previous post about the hotness of the Land O' Lakes lady inspired much conversation amongst assorted cohorts. I won't bore you with connecting the dots, but this particular subject somehow brought us to the topic of spooging on a woman's face.
A pal of mine admitted that he once asked his girlfriend if he could express his love for her in this exuberant fashion. She refused. He begged. She refused. He begged. Finally she capitulated. However, there was a caveat: he could cum on her face, provided he put a sheet of Saran Wrap over her pretty mug.
He agreed. And yes, he enjoyed himself.
And there was no muss, no fuss.
Easy clean up for everyone involved.
My question is this:
Does the Saran Wrap company know that their product is being used for other things besides wrapping up leftover tuna casserole?
I mean, I recently found out that resourceful guys in the 1950's used Saran Wrap for make-shift condoms.
Then I found out that some people who are into watersports and "scat" also use this reliable household product.
And it got me to thinkin':
Is there a way the Saran Wrap company could capitalize on this? Advertising on porno sites and such? Hiring Ron Jeremy as their spokesperson?
I mean, people don't cook at home as much anymore, let alone wrap up leftovers.
The Saran Wrap company big shots might want to consider their options...

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