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Thursday, July 17, 2008


On the whole, I'm a pretty lazy person. I'm not what you'd call an activist. Odds are you won't find me in Union Square on a random Saturday, passing out flyers, crusading on behalf of downtrodden Alaskan skateboarders/Pimply street meat vendors/Fat people who can't fit into airline seats.
But I think I may have found a cause worthy of my ire, sweat and Sharpied placards...

Japanese Postman Fights For Moustache

TOKYO (AFP) - Japanese lawyers are rallying behind a postman whose boss told him he had to shave off his moustache to comply with grooming standards for letter carriers.
The bar association in the western city of Osaka said Wednesday that the order against 55-year-old postman Noboru Nakamura was "irrational" and violated his human rights.
"Having a moustache is part of an individual lifestyle and should be an individual decision," said Kazuo Okawa, a lawyer for the bar association.

Where can I donate to this cause?
Where is the rally/rubber chicken charity function for this man and his beleaguered moustache?

The time to act is now.
This postman cannot be denied his moustache.
So I will use this blog for good today, helping my fellow man, by making a list of the top 5 moustaches in history.
By seeing all the names of these great men, perhaps then the Japanese postal service will see the error of their ways:

1. Tom Selleck
2. Ron Jeremy
3. Doc Holliday
4. Burt Reynolds
5. John Waters

Did I miss any?
Please add to this list, thereby aiding this postman and his quest to maintain his flavor saver.


DF said...

Me and every other kid that tried to grow one at age 15. Sure, you needed a magnifying glass to see it, but that teen fuzz seemed manly to a 15 year old.

Cynthia Nixon's Girlfriend said...

DF, You didn't start growing a 'stache until you were 15? Hah!
I was growing mine at 8.

The Mad Hungarian said...

6. Rollie Fingers
7. Sparky Lyle
8. Al Hrabosky

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if it is Hall or Oats, but one of them has a rockin stache!

Katie Couric said...