Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Monday, March 05, 2007


So there I was, munching on popcorn, watching "Zodiac" at my local cinema. (Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic as always.)
But at a pivotal point in the film, I missed out on what was being said.
Because crucial information about the Zodiac homicide case was being delivered by none other than ex-CNN sportscaster Barry LeBrock, sporting a 70's mustache. At least, I'm pretty certain it was him. The only other person that looks like him is Jason Hervey a.k.a "Wayne" from "The Wonder Years" and a quick check on IMDB tells me that Jason Hervey is now married to a former porn star and his last claim to fame was a voice-over for the Justice League cartoon.

Anyway, Barry was playing a newscaster, and seeing his mustachioed face beaming from the retro TV set was hilarious. Or rather, my friend sitting with me, a CNN veteran, pointing at the screen and shouting "LE COCK! LE COCK!" was hilarious.
I started to laugh. And I kept laughing, trying to muffle it under my scarf. Hot tears rolled down my cheeks.

However, the point of this post is:
Can anyone who has seen the film tell me what the Barry LeBrock character actually said? I'm not willing to part with another 11 bucks to find out, especially when there is a very real threat that I would just start laughing again.

I just found out that Barry LeBrock published a book on football called, "The Trojan Ten".
I don't think it was a best seller, but the fact is that Barry LeBrock has a book available on
As for me, I have a book available in a Mead binder.
I once used it to prop up my TV.

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