Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


It's official:
After a rocky stint at WABC, anchor Steve Bartelstein (a one-time CNN sportscaster) has been given the sack.
Avid readers of Page Six or Gawker could tell you that his time at Channel 7 appears to have been marred by chronic tardiness and accusations of lewd behavior. The rumor is that WABC overlooked these problems because of his popularity with TV audiences.
But apparently, he recently missed a cut-in and finally managed to piss off the wrong person.

Bye Steve.


Anonymous said...

The issue here is not Steve being Gay.. why does that always have to come up when something like this happens? If Steve wasn't gay would they have said "The straight anchor from ABC news was axed?" No, they wouldn't have.

Yea he messed up. And drugs were probably the reason. No one really knows.. you know what you read... you know what you hear.. is that always the truth? Come on.. put yourself in any one who lives in the public life shoe's... they live in a fish bowl and whatever they do is always up for negative comment.. it's as if people feel they own them.

Yes, folks in the public eye have a responsibility to their public.. but their personal life is their own...

Just think.. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL if this was happening to you?

I'm sure he feels bad enough as it is.. his entire career could be at stack and I don't think it's because he is gay.. I'm sure it was the drugs.. it's a disease... it can be cured.. but comments like these, stories, untruths, judgements are not going to help.

Have we become a society where no one can make a mistake?

Come on... give this guy a break.. who did he hurt? YOU? Me? What you read and what you heard came from speculation and probably exaggeration... just cause someone said it don't make it true.

I'm not saying that what is being said doesn't have some merit, but I am saying.. if your life is spiraling out of control.. how would you feel if you saw your name all over the internet?

Leave the man in peace.. he knows what he did.. let's pray for him..send him words of encouragement that he seeks help for his drug addiction (if he has one) and let's let him live his life.

He is after and above all human.. just like you and me

vjdutton said...

Hello Anonymous, VJDutton here.
I appreciate your impassioned response-
Show me exactly where on this comment I mentioned that he was gay?
You won't find it anywhere.
You seem to be the one with gay issues, not me. I would never judge anyone on their sexual orientation. This is about lack of professionalism, not being gay.

J said...

Hey Anonymous!
I know nothing about this guy, and have no recollection of him from CNN. I do not live in the NYC area, and I have not heard anything about this. That said, I am sure he appreciates you outing him. And here I thought vjDutton's reference to 'lewd behavior' meant he was banging (female) strippers in a bathroom stall while smoking heroin, and it was all caught on cell phone video - which subsequently ended up on some college kid's myspace page.

But, instead, he's just gay. Ho-hum. Thanks for spoiling what could have been really salacious!!

DF said...

Uhm, Bartelstein's gay? Hmmmm...maybe this helps explain the allegations of him using laser pointers to annoy male neighbors through their windows...maybe not. But, there was no mention of his sexual orientation in this post, so as J said, I'm sure Bartelstein's thrilled that you just outed him.

As for "praying for him"...good grief, what does God, Allah, Buddha or L. Ron Hubbard have to do with him missing a cut in?

What would Jesus do? He'd show up on time for the cut in so we'd know what was coming up on Eyewitness News at Noon, that's what he'd do.