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Monday, September 08, 2008


Why don't flight attendants have outfits like this anymore?
Look at how fabulous these Southwest Airlines professionals are. Now think about the hideous polyester shitpiles that you see on flight attendants these days. Horrible unflattering skirts or pleated pants and some type of fussy little button down shirt.
And bad shoes.
I say:
Since you have to pay for your stale snacks, cum-ridden blankets and crappy headsets now, I think the least airlines could do is mandate hot pants and go go boots again.


Anonymous said...

Id agree with you except people are fatter now. I don't think you want to see most flight attendants in hot pants.

vjdutton said...

Ah, I'm afraid you're wrong there, Anonymous.
Gimme a saucy flight attendant of any size or any shape in hot pants and go go boots and I'll happily pay for my peanuts. I don't discriminate! Bring on the hot pants and go go boots!

Gloria Steinem said...

I guess I'm the only one around here who is glad that women are not treated as pieces of meat anymore.
Get with it VJDutton. A woman is running for vice president. These types of sexist role models are a thing of the past.

vjdutton said...

Now see Gloria Steinem, I think Sarah Palin should try to ban fewer books and wear more hot pants and go go boots.

Hugh Hefner said...

If Palin leaves the hot pants off and just wears the boots I'll pay good money for those photos!

Sen. John McCain said...

So would I!