Check it, Peons: Your CNN Humiliation Compartmentalized

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My mom decided to weigh in on the Sarah Palin lipstick wars.
Naturally, it was in the form of a PHONE MESSAGE. I came home, pushed the button on my answering machine and heard a harsh Finnish accent saying:

"I don't understand why that Palin woman even talked about the lipstick and pit bulls. And now I open the paper and people are talking about pigs with the lipstick and whatever else. Why all this lipstick talk? Because she doesn't even wear good lipstick. It's that kind of boring lipstick for women who are afraid to wear it. You know what I mean Saara? Women with no style wear that boring lipstick."

What I want to know is--why isn't my mom a pundit on CNN?


PTA Moose Hunters for Palin said...

How dare your mom say that! That's sexist! Your mom should be ashamed of herself. Sarah Palin is the greatest politician this country has ever had. I'm going to Lenscrafters to buy some of those rimless glasses so I can look just like her.

The Silver Fox said...

We have her booked tonight on 360. What a coincidence!

Ann Coulter said...

Fuck your mom! Put me on the air. Me! ME! ME!!! More ME!