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Monday, March 31, 2008


The theme for the next Mama D's Arts Bordello is "Guilty Pleasures". We'll have four writers both penning and performing a segment of a smutty, delicious, sex-filled, cat fight ridden, glamorous Jackie Collins-style story. We will also have burlesque dancers, go-go dancers and a trivia contest, where you will be able to win various guilty pleasures to take home.
I am compiling the soundtrack to this delightful event, to play before and after the show. Naturally, the music has to be all guilty pleasures.
This is where you come in...
What are your favorite musical guilty pleasures?
And before anyone adds this one:
Believe me, I've already got it on the list.


The Hoff said...

Guilty Pleasure? Jump in My Car is no Guilty Pleasure. It is a work of art.

Steve Perry and Sherry said...

Journey's Open Arms
Don't Stop Believin'

Anonymous said...

vanilla ice, ice baby.
when is the show?

vjdutton said...

I just booked our time slot/day!
It's at Crash Mansion, on Monday the 2nd of June. The show starts at 8pm and we have the whole night to be as sleazy, rollicking and ridiculous as we want...

Britney's Pink WIg said...

Oops i did it again
Slave For you

Tiffany said...

Foolish Heart, Debbie Gibson

Anonymous said...

Pour Some Sugar on Me, Def Leppard!

Anonymous said...

Hard Habit To Break; Peter Cetera. Its playing in the sushi joint I'm currently eating at I'm bursting to start singing into my chopsticks.